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The do good industry


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Acting in the alteration of waste by transforming any material into particles, it voids the risks of product reutilization, protecting the brands of their clients and the environment.

We created a brand from an in depth study into the profiles of the company and the market, where we identified in large volumes, masculine and heavy speeches.

Together with the owner, we decided to go the opposite direction of the market, searching for more prominence and opting for the use of lines that introduced lightness, like a feminine touch, and that conveyed one of the brands main purposes: environmental protection.

Soon after, we created all the corporate literature, institutional and operational materials, print and website, using animations that portray positive thoughts and the brand’s responsibility towards the environment; contrasting the heavy industrial language with light and happy colors and illustrations with organic textures and traits.

Last but not least, we translated the complex processes executed by the company in a didactic way with the infographic language.