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Instituto Unibanco

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We created the Instituto Unibanco’s new website, an institution of the Grupo Itaú-Unibanco dedicated to improving the quality of Brazilian public education.

Our challenge was to create a clean and modern structure that would cater for different audiences and website users (educators, partners, parents and managers), allowing them to get to the desired information in just a few clicks.

The inspiration for the adopted design was the dialogue box, applied in different ways throughout the website and corresponding to the objectives of the institution towards the public.

Using cutting-edge technology, we created 100% editable animations in the homepage and the automatic adjustment of the screen to the device used to access it makes the layout adapt for the user in a smart way, easing navigation and visualization.

Besides that, we developed an administrative structure of the website which allows staff of the Instituto Unibanco to go “behind the scenes” and edit the content of any page with agility, simplicity and without the need for any expertise in programming.

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